Ohio Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies




Ohio Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies

Undergraduate Programs in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

   The Ohio Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies resides in College of Arts and Sciences and serves as an interdisciplinary learning and research community integrating ecology and evolutionary biology researchers and students across campus.    

    Undergraduate programs in Ecology and Evolutionary studies are offered with degree programs in the following departments.  Please select the department programs below for more information on specific degrees. 

Biological Sciences

  • Biological Sciences (BS2121)
  • Environmental Biology (BS2126)
  • Freshwater Biology (BS2126)
  • Marine Biology (BS2126)
  • Wildlife Biology (BS2515)

Environmental and Plant Biology

  • Applied Ecology (BA2115)
  • Environmental and Plant Biology (BA2111, BS2111)
  • Environmental Biology (BS2113)
  • Field Biology (BA8829)


  • Geography (BA4231, BS4231)
  • Environmental Geography (BS4232)
  • Environmental Prelaw (BS4237)
  • Geographic Information Systems Analyst (BS4235)

Geological Sciences

  • Geological Sciences (BA3321, BS3321)
  • Environmental Geology (BS3323)

Environmental Studies Certificate

  • The Environmental Studies Certificate supplements your existing major with an interdisciplinary study of the biophysical environment and the complex interactions among humans, other organisms, and the environment. The program is open to students in any major, but it is especially relevant for educators and those seeking environmentally related careers in government, business, law, and consulting firms.






  The Center's current director is Professor Stephen Reilly, Department of Biological Sciences.

   For more information: call 740 593-0424 or contact reilly@ohiou.edu  The Ohio Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies, Department of Biological Sciences, 107 Irvine Hall, Athens, Ohio 45701.